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This brand made in Italy interprets fashion in an elegant and delicate way. It uses materials such as stainless steel and acetate, combining an impeccable design with new and casual colors.

Within this collection, the line CHRISTIE’S JEWELLRY presents frames with fine and gentle details based on components like gemstones and nacre. Luxury without excess which enhances the look and radiates refinement and femininity.

Style and personality blend with attractive and creative designs to adapt to all kinds of women. Fashion to enjoy a luxury vision.



The sobriety of metal and the beauty of acetate join together in a men’s collection in which design, shape and details provide extra style and personality.

A combination of distinguished designs and modern technology. Models that go from the vintage style to classic elegance.

Gentle colors that enhance the man’s look. Sofisticated style, yet without excess.


red velvet

Traditional design with a touch of innovation, which is especially obvious in the interesting color contrasts and the captivating designs that define the elegant nature of these frames. 

Light, of great flexibility and resistance. The latest at everybody’s reach.

Ideal collection for those who value minimalist designs without too many ornaments. Young spirit with a forward-looking approach.


jens hagen

Versatiliy, harmony and confort.

Classic style combined with a modern design. Vintage touch and purity of shapes.

Soft colors without excessive ornaments. Frames that suit everybody at a very affordable price. An easy and comfortable way to see life.

the art of minimalism


Dynamic, cheerful and urban style. Natural, delicate and minimalist. Made for those who live an intense life and feel confident enough to chase time itself.

Easy and pleasant. Ambitious and unique. Comfortable and yet  unique. Glasses of the highest grade, treading on the edge of the event horizon, where the spectacular meets the mystical: form, taste, elegance, emotions. A design that is defined by its ability to bring a touch of courage to the distinguished, classic way of life. The form, the style, and ample elegance stimulate the mind and awaken emotions.

More about SOLANO at www.solano-eyewear.com

summer dream


Dive deep into the ocean of relaxation, the joy of simpler things, the unconstrained fun. The SOLANO Summer Dream sunglasses collection channels energy, beauty, and fleetingness of the moment. It encapsulates elegance and frivolity, colour and monochromatism, light and shadow.

SOLANO combines technological and innovative solutions with the latest fashion trends. All the sunglasses have PC and TAC polarized lenses, which reduce the effect of the reflection and improve significantly the definition of the image, while they offer a total protection against the harmful rays of the sun. The most advanced technology to protect your eyes with taste and reliability.

Better vision and greater comfort. High quality and innovative character to see the world under the sun.

More about SOLANO at www.solano-eyewear.com

magic touch

solano clip-on

The CLIP-ON collection has been created using the latest technology and revolutionary materials like Ultem, superlight material, of great flexibility and resistance, non-deformable and hypoallergenic, capable of satisfying the most demanding needs. A single product combines the functionality of optical frames with the usefulness of a first class protection such as a clip with UV filters and polarized lenses. MAGIC TOUCH is an invitation to trying something new.

For metal lovers, models with metal parts, either the front, the temples or the whole frame.

With the addition of the CLIP-ON JUNIOR collection, the youngest will also be able to enjoy the extraordinary advantages of this unique product.

More about SOLANO at www.solano-eyewear.com


real madrid

The passion for a football club is carried deep inside. 

With this collection it can also be carried outside. A thorough and diverse selection of adult and junior models, each of them available in an attractive range of colors and touched with a personal and distinctive style based on the latest trends.

Since passion is not in conflict with quality, all the models are equipped with polarized lenses and máximum UV protection. All for the enjoyment of the great number of fans of this legendary team.




Frames with their own character at a very interesting price. This is the main hallmark of VISTAMAX EYEWEAR, created with the purpose of putting together quality, design, style and fashion without having to pay a high price.

High quality materials like acetate, ultem and stainless steel prevail, sometimes combined together to add a touch of balance and harmony.

Collection inspired in nature and characterized for an attractive and in some cases bold mixture of colors, which provides freshmess and liveliness.



Simphony of acetate and color combined in some cases with metal temples and bridges.

Plain color models coexist with multicolor ones in a harmonious collection that has acetate, metal and polarized lenses as basic elements.



visión y protección con carácter


Metal lovers are fortunate, as this material is the main feature in this collection of stainless steel models combined with an Ultem polarized solar clip and making a harmonious match which turns out to be irresistible for its elegance, lightness and usefulness.



anne marii

A collection created to enhance the natural femenime beauty. The purity of lines and sensuality are keywords to define the colleciton. These, words, captured in colors and abundance of eyeglass frames, best represent its design. 

Frames for women with sensitivity, who wish to discover themselves again every day, change whenever and however they want. An answer to women’s need for metamorphosis.

The use of high quality materials mixes with original patterns, which provide an extraordinary ornamental character bordering the line between the bold and the reasonable. An effect of contrasts creates a unique and distinguished look, sexy, elegant  and chic.



Polar vision

Sunglasses characterized by retro modernized styles, experimenting with shape and size.

With roots in tradition but looking towards the future. The modern and omnipresent designs are appropriate for any occasion, from the rush of the city to the tranquility of the holidays or the intensity of sport activity.

All the models offer total UV protection and are equipped with polarized lenses which reduce the glare considerably.

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